If there are no Corona-like complaints, the employee will go to work.

The employee will contact MediCorps and not go into work with Corona-like symptoms. The employee will also inform their manager.

The same day, a nurse will visit the employee at home to conduct a test. Within 24 hours the result is relayed to the employee.

Once Coronavirus is diagnosed, the employee will remain in quarantine at home (at least a week) with the whole family. Once the household is Corona-free for 24 hours, the employee will be able to return to work.

The employee is asked to inform the Occupational Health and Safety Service Provider.

The employee is free to inform the supervisor. However, this is not mandatory and pressure on the employee to self-report is expressly prohibited. This is health data to which privacy laws (1) apply.

The GGD is informed by MediCorps if there is a positive result (i.e. Corona determined) because this is a Type A reporting disease.


The employee can measure at the temperature scanner whether there is an increase/ fever.

Without a fever, the employee can continue to work. In case of fever, the employee can contact MediCorps, opt out of work, go home and be tested for Corona by the nurse the same day. If in doubt, the employee can call MediCorps or repeat the temperature test at work later.


If an employee has informed the supervisor of a positive Corona test (this is not required by law) the employer can offer colleagues a Contact investigation. These employees do not have to stay at home for the time-being.

The next day, colleagues can be tested in the workplace by the nurse. Within 24 hours of this testing round, everyone will be informed of their own results.

3 to 4 days after the initial testing round, it is offered again in case colleagues have contracted Coronavirus or developed symptoms in the meantime.

Again, positively tested employees must quarantine their families at home.


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24-Hour access and guidance by the
Corona Specialists Team.

Within 2 hours:
a Corona lab test by a Nurse at the employee’s home.

Within 24 hours:
result of the lab research carried out by a RIVM certified laboratory.

Within 24 hours:
full contact investigation by the Outbreak Team.

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