We all want to go back to the office, but safely. This requires a personalized, well-thought-out plan in which all facets are seen and weighed. There is a huge amount of expertise within MediCorps and we are happy to share it with you. You benefit from the knowledge we have already gained at other companies.

With a team of CCPS-registered nurses, we bring a lot of expertise and professional competence with us. MediCorps not only provides advice on COVID-19, but everything about preparing for pandemics. How can you as a company reopen safely and quickly. MediCorps can fully unburden you and provide a tailored solution.

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The approach to covid does not only exist of preventive testing of employees, vaccination, outbreak control, contact research and temperature measurement. The design of the workspaces, routing and the awareness of individual employees also require expert attention. Organisations that call MediCorps receive personalized and unsolicited advice in this area. Because together we have the same objective: to keep your business open.

Personalized advice

Every situation requires a different approach. Due to the wide range of services and strategies that MediCorps offers, there is a tailor-made advice and / or plan for every situation within your company. From Flu, Covid-19 and antibody testing, to air purification systems and flu vaccinations. MediCorps has gained a lot of experience and expertise in more than two years. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. MediCorps is always looking for a new, medically tested, method to relieve and help organisations in an innovative way.

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