MediCorps Audit

Infectious diseases such as Covid or flu can have a lot of influence on absenteeism. That is why now is the time for proper preparation, to limit the impact of the next Covid wave or flu epidemic. This requires a well-thought-out approach.

A lot is possible; Where to start? And what actions make sense?
To find out, we have developed an Audit.

Audit Preview

Why the Audit?

The audit helps your company to properly complete the aftermath of the pandemic, ensures optimal preparation for future outbreaks of infectious diseases and has a positive effect on the absenteeism within your company.

An expert makes an inventory on location of your specific risks in the field of absenteeism and infection. The audit shows where you can achieve the most profit and forms a systematic approach to guarantee continuity in your business operations in the future.

The result is a concise report, fully tailored to your company and with concrete recommendations.

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Subjects audit

• View of the epedemic
• Communication and information
• Personal protection and infection risk management
• Personal well-being
• Business continuity management

Planning? Approach? Costs?

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