Covid testing

Being able to quickly diagnose a covid infection and rapid contact tracing are essential for controlling the current spreads. Originally, the testing policy was aimed at people who had symptoms of the virus. However, we now know that people are also contagious even before symptoms appear. In many caches an infection proceeds without symptoms.

Preventive testing of employees can remove a lot of uncertainty. You prevent a source of infection, and create peace and security within your organisation.

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Way of working

MediCorps provides preventive screenings within your organisation. Together we discuss  which test strategy suits best for your organisation. Employees with covid symptoms will be tested at home within 2 hours, and get immediate result. Employees without symptoms are tested preventively at work according to a well-defined test protocol. This way you keep your organisation open safely. MediCorps has various covid tests with which employees of your company can be tested.

Rapid Antigen test

In the covid strategy, rapid tests are an important asset. MediCorps works with an antigen rapid test (abbott’s Panbio™ COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test) that provides result within 10 minutes. The sensitivity of these tests are very high. This test also indentifies early infections of people who actually have no symptoms. All this makes this test very suitable for frequent checks within your company. The antigen rapid test shows certain spike proteins of the virus in nasal and/or throat mucus. When MediCorps tests with an antigen rapid test, a lead time of 8 to 12 minutes is used. Because the Omikron variant is detectable later than the other variants, you can be sure after testing by MediCorps that you have had a valid antigen rapid test.

Reliability antigen rapid test

There are many different stories about the reliability of the rapid tests. However, the reliability has been extensively tested by science and is considered very reliable (approximately 99 percent sensitive). The most important factor that influences reliability is the way in which the test is taken. MediCorps therefore works with CCPS-registered nurses who have followed a specific additional training.


In order to be able to definitively record whether someone within your company has COVID-19, a PCR test is done. With a PCR test we check whether someone is carrying the virus. MediCorps works closely with various laboratories in, for example, Utrecht and Haarlem. When the test has been sent to the laboratory, you will receive the result back within 20 minutes.

We will come to your home, your company or you can go to our location at Schiphol Airport and Düsseldorf Airport. We are on location within 2 hours, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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