1. Question: Is the test reliable?
      Answer: The tests are carried out by laboratories such as the Maasstad Hospital lab and the Haarlem Regional Hospital and meet the criteria of sensitivity and care as determined by the RIVM.
    2. Question: What kind of test is performed?
      Answer: It is a (real-time) reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) on the SARS-Cov-2. E gene.
    1. Question: Is the client’s family also being tested?
      This depends on the agreement with the client.
    2. Question: What should I do if I am tested positive?
      Home quarantine with the whole family according to guidelines from the RIVM.
    3. Question: What should I do if a family member has been tested positive?
      Answer: Home quarantine with the whole family according to guidelines from the RIVM.
    4. Question: Can I also get the test through the GGD?
      Answer: In addition to the express route via MediCorps, a regular referral by your own company doctor or general practitioner can take place to the GGD drive-through testing centre. For this, having Corona-like symptoms is a requirement.
    1. Question: Who will inform the company doctor of a positive test?
      Answer: Only the person concerned can do so on the basis of voluntary action.
    2. Question: Who informs the GGD in case of a positive test?
      Answer: The laboratory where the sample was processed will do this.


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Within 24 hours:
full contact investigation by the Outbreak Team.

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