MediCorps; outbreak management

MediCorps offers a Safe@Work program for quick and effective detection of  COVID-19 and/or Flu infections within organisations. With the MediCorps company subscription, employees are tested for COVID-19 or Influenza (within 2 hours) at home or in the company and your employee immediately gets the result. This way you’ll prevent a business lockdown and ensure optimal business continuity.

MediCorps has been operating just as long as the virus has been around and in the past year it has accumulated an enormous amount of expertise about the virus and how to manage it. We are an enterprising organisation. You will notice this when you call on our flexibility and decisiveness. Yet, we also act with utmost care as required in the sectors where we operate. That is why our Medical Team has had all our procedures tested by the Dutch RIVM, and we only work with registered nurses (BIG) and with certified tests.

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