Stop the spread of Covid-19

Our strategy for companies is to fully focus on stopping the spread of the virus throughout and within your company. It is important to know that 50% of infected corona carriers generally do not show any symptoms, but at the same time they can infect their colleagues. You will want to also have grip on these carriers in order to prevent the spread. That is the focus of the MediCorps strategy. This strategy is both simple and effective.

EMPLOYEES WITH SYMPTOMS report by telephone to MediCorps. This is possible 24/7. Within 2 hours, a BIG-registered nurse arrives and 10 minutes later there is a result: stay home and quarantine or simply go to the office.

EMPLOYEES WITHOUT SYMPTOMS are tested periodically at your location before starting to work. You decide the frequency (daily/weekly) and we test all your employees who are present and visitors before they enter the office using a rapid test. Within 10 minutes, you have the result. Infected employees are sent home immediately and go into isolation as well as their family members.

IN CASE OF AN OUBREAK we are with you within 2 hours and immediately test all the contacts of the patient within your company. Therefore, you have an immediate insight into the spread of the coronavirus within your company and together we can then implement the measures for preventing further spread.