Meeting Again, Safely

Many companies have dragged themselves through the lockdown using Teams, Zoom or HangOut. But this never gives you the team energy you experience when people are at the office. Thus, nothing is better than having your people safely back together as soon as possible. And that’s what they also want; that is certain.

MediCorps offers you a comprehensive approach for reopening offices and keeping them open. We have combined customer advice, corona tests and certificates into a Safe@Work company subscription, which the government subsidises. This subscription includes:

  • Individual home testing of the employees with symptoms by a nurse. Within 2 hours and 24/7.
  • Outbreak Control In-company testing of groups of employees.
  • Preventive weekly in-company testing of all the employees present at work.
  • Issuing digital corona-free certificates for business trips.
  • Professional advice about coronavirus regulations, enforcement and awareness.

With the new Safe@Work Plus company subscription, we take this a step further. In addition to the above, this includes:

  • Safe Back2Office programme.
  • Accelerated vaccination of employee