COVID-19 RISK MANAGEMENT Last Minute PCR Test at Schiphol & Düsseldorf airport tested on location within 2 hours PCR labTEST

In 2 uur op locatie 24/7 CORONACERTIFICAAT Uitslag in 10 min. PCR labTEST 200+ verpleegkundigen

call 085 0670000

Call 085 0670000

Health, Welfare & Sports (Dutch: VWS) subsidy regulation for preventive rapid tests in companies / production companies and offices. Under the leadership of Albert Akkermans, CEO of MediCorps

Until today, employers were only able to test employees with symptoms or confirmed exposure (as a result of contact with an infected person, a message by the CoronaMelder app or after arrival from a risk area) and be reimbursed for the tests.

Shortly, a new regulation will come into effect, which provides financial support to employers for frequently and preventively testing their non-symptomatic employees and to do so under medical supervision.

This webinar explains how MediCorps can ensure that this rule is also implemented within your company/production company. (The webinar is in Dutch.)

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